Buying an electric dog collar

You may be having a pup that loves to bark persistently. You may wish to train your dog for staying in the yard. For all these purposes, you may consider an electric dog collar. Just like any method for behavior modification, even this has pros and cons. You have to choose what method will be best for you and your pets.

Know how it works

A dog shock collar is a kind of aversive training. This was originally used in the 1960.  Its main purpose was to train hunting dogs. But today, the dog bark collar is used to curb various unwanted behaviors in dogs. These behaviors can range from excessive barking, food aggression, and so on. These are also used for training pups to stay in a safe manner within a property line. It also teaches pups to stick close by while they are off leash.

Why use it

The electric dog collar should not be considered as a punishment. It is to be used as a deterrent for training unsafe or irritating behavior out of your dog. The basis behind this is that your pup will begin to associate the undesired behavior with the uncomfortable shock. This way it will stop that behavior. You can continue with the dog shock collar until there is no further need for such a reminder.


The shock that is administered by the approved dog bark collar is safe. All that it does is to get your dog’s attention in order to deter certain behaviors. Do note that it will not do any kind of lasting physical harm. These shock collars are equipped with various levels of enforcement. Set the level so that you can reprimand the undesired behavior of your dog accordingly.

You may choose an electric dog collar which administers a beep and/or vibration. This will act as a warning before the shock is actually delivered to your dog. You get the time here to give a verbal command like “No!” when the warning beep or the vibration comes. This will further help to disrupt its unwanted behavior.

In case it is being used for boundary training, the shock collar will get triggered by wires that are placed underground all along the property line. This way the dog learns how far it can go before reaching the boundary. All these are the various facets of this dog collar!