Collars for a man’s best friend

It’s dog-eat-dog world! We have some special treats for your furry friends this time in terms of collars. Dog collars are useful in identifying your pet (not that you don’t know your own pet because they would be hurt to know these) whenever they may be lost but also a place to attach the leads whenever you walk them. Here at Dog Collars Shop, we offer ultimate pet shop experience which is a paradise for both pets and pet owners. They have pet supplies, pet food, toys and accessories for your pet need at a great value price. We also offer wealth of advice and support. What can we offer your most precious canines? For starters, let’s venture through the wide range of dog training   collars that we are proud to sell to you. These are the types of collars that we are proud to sell to you:
  • Rolled or Flat ones – most basic type of training collars for dogs. It can come on flat-collared or buckle-ridden collars. Rolled leathers are much thinner, lighter and narrow than flat collars. It comes in colors of Tan, Black, Chestnut and burgundy.
  • Martingales – it is said to provide more control over your pet without that choking effect that you can find in slip collar. They have large heads and can slip out of buckle collars.
  • Choke Chains – In here you have full control of how to choke your dog in cases of emergency not in a bad way of course but only to tighten your hold over your dog especially if it’s incredibly playful. You might say that’s it’s kind of one of the things that Christian Grey would use on you but for dog’s purposes, this is one great deal.
  • Pinch Collars – Another good type of training collars for dogs. You use them to choke your dogs but without the benefit of yanking it. We highly recommend the use of pinch collars if your dog is moderately good for trainings to walk already.
  • Freedom Harness – We have all kinds of freedom harness for all types of dogs of different sizes. Freedom Harness are also called Easy Walk Harness and Walk-in-Sync Harness. Why is that? Because it will teach your dog not to pull the leash on a gentle and effective way. If you have any concerns regarding freedom harness and how to properly use it, you can contact us on this website at any time.
  • Head Halters – It’s kinder and more effective than choke and prong collars. This one is good for train pullers whether big or small. It will train your dog to heal on your side in case it wants to walk.
  If you have any other concern regarding the training collars for dogs that we sell, kindly contact us here on our website or email us and we will surely look after your concern.