Dog Costumes

Whoever says humans are the only ones permitted to dress up for Halloween, festivals, and other special times of the year are unaware of just how much fun dog costumes are for both the owners and the pets themselves.

Dog costumes aren’t just for the small and medium-sized pooches, big dogs can find some really cool designs that are both creative and comfortable for them to wear.  If your favorite movie is coming out soon, like Batman, Superman, or Star Wars, you’ve got to seize the moment and get your doggy a part of the action!

Don’t be afraid to show off you and your dog’s outstanding appetite for fun.  We know that buying your first dog costume is a silly idea, but you and your dog will love all the extra attention when everyone walks over to get a closer look at the cool outfit they have on.  While there are some people who dress their dogs up in ridiculous and expensive luxury coats, most owners can really appreciate the time and care that you’ve put into making your dog look the coolest.

Whether you’re looking for a superhero costume that matches your dog’s personality or maybe a costume that you can try to match yourself, there’s a wide variety of outfits to choose from and get creative with.  You may want to buy a few different costumes to see which one your dog prefers.  They have preferences, too, you know.  At the very least, you can decide which one fits the most comfortably on them and make that the final choice.

Your favorite casual and custom costumes are waiting for you, don’t stress the prospect of quality and safety of these outfits.  We follow a strict standard for stitching, fabric selection, sizing, and fit.  Costumes come in various sizes and breed recommendations, if you need any help choosing the right one for your dog, let us help you answer any questions and find that perfect dog costume for you.


Dog clothes should be functional and fashionable for everyday wear, but it should also fit the bill when a special event arises! Funny Fur offers festive costumes perfect for any holiday—or for a fun evening of dress up—as well as formal wear such as elegant dresses, bow ties, handsome vests, tuxes, even wedding gowns for the fur princess at the center of it all! We also offer dog bikini and swimwear for summer months, and super dog pajamas and sleepwear when only snuggling in bed will do!