The Importance of Dog Collar Tags

There are seemingly many reasons why people do not put dog collar tags on their pooches, particularly if they stay indoors or are inside a seemingly secure backyard environment. However, there are opportunities for curious dogs to escape the confines of their homes and yards no matter the protection put into place.

The importance of dog collar tags cannot be overemphasized when you consider the statistics. A mere 15% of lost dogs are ever returned to their owners. However, a substantial number that are found and returned have dog collar tags. It is vital that you get a dog collar tag for your pet. This is because having your dog properly tagged increases the likelihood of being returned to their owners considerably compared to posting descriptions and pictures when they go missing.

Importance of Pet Identification

Considering the price of caring and feeding your dog, purchasing a tag is relatively inexpensive. However, too many people do not consider the possibility that their pets will run away from their home if given the opportunity. Dogs are naturally curious and nomadic creatures that look for new experiences. A door left open or a gate not properly fastened leads to an opportunity for the dog to explore new frontiers. Unfortunately, it is very easy for dogs to lose their way and find themselves unable to go back to their home. It is situations like these that require dog collar tags to speak for your pet when they cannot. A single tag may save you and your pet from being separated for a long time to come.

Why Choose Dog Collar Tags?

The tags themselves offer substantial advantages for owners who want to protect their dogs in case they escape the premises.

Easy to See: Dog collar tags on bright collars means that they can be spotted very quickly by those who see them walking down the street. In addition, having a reflective collar will mean that the dog can be more easily spotted at night, particularly if they are walking across a street. Instant Contact Information: The tag provides the necessary information for those who find the dog so that a quick phone call can have them returned. Microchip Back-Up: Having a microchip put in your pet acts as the perfect back-up in case the collar is lost. To have two or more forms of identification for your dog will mean increasing the chances of them being returned safe and sound to you. All in all, dog collar tags offer pet owners a way to get their beloved dogs back in case they leave their property. This means greater peace of mind as the chances of your dog coming back go up substantially when they wear a proper tag. For dog owners, getting a tag is now easier than ever and you can combine it with different collars so that your pooch can really stand out. To make your dog even more noticeable helps protect them and you in case they should get away from your property while you are not there.